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Surface area: 605.77 km²
Population: approx. 208.750

A government administrative reform created the district of Mainz-Bingen in 1969 as a result of the merger of the districts of Mainz and Bingen. It covers an area of approximately 606 km² from Guntersblum to Bacharach with more than 80 km right next to the river Rhine. In many of the 66 cities and local communities of the district, you can see numerous architectural monuments which testify to the long and turbulent history of the region . As a result of the economic strength of the district with its cooperation of small companies, medium-sized enterprises and large companies with global reputation, Mainz-Bingen is the most economically powerful district in Rhineland-Palatinate and one of the most economically successful areas in Germany. The region is famous for its variety of excellent wines. Three world-famous cultivation areas characterize the district of Mainz-Bingen, namely “Mittelrhein”, “Nahe” and “Rheinhessen”. They form Germany’s biggest cultivation area for wine. The Middle Rhine Valley, with Bacharach and Bingen in between, has been a UNESCO world heritage site since 2002. Despite its modern structures and economic strength, the region has preserved its initial charm and amiability and has a high recreational value. The wide range of sport clubs, societies and associations offer leisure time activities to every taste. The people here are characterized by their open-mindedness, their hospitality, their kindness, their unobtrusiveness and their willingness to share their table with others in wine bars and restaurants.