Welcome to Mainz-Bingen County

For cosmopolitanism and successful integration



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The acute shortage of skilled workers represents a challenge for many companies. Not only the university entrance qualification or perfect written and spoken German are in the focus of applicants. Openness for employees with a migration background offers the opportunity to attract highly qualified employees from other countries and cultures to companies.

Companies can, for example, take the pressure off in matters concerning public authorities and bureaucracy. Communication in English and simple language helps to improve understanding. You can support your employees in finding an apartment. Encourage your employees and help them to learn the language. Furthermore, an unbureaucratic recognition of skills and degrees is a big step towards cosmopolitanism.

The Welcome App Germany supports people with an immigrant background - including new employees from abroad - in settling in Germany, in dealing with each other within society, in everyday life and in starting a career.
As a company you are welcome to support the Welcome App Germany with a donation.