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Asylum System


Unfortunately asylum is sometimes confused with immigration by the people who are on their way to another country. Therefore, we would like to discuss the different options and possibilities in the following.

• Working and studying within the EU is possible for all citizens of the European Union without any problems, if they have a job or a place at a university in the destination country.

• Usually most people are allowed to enter Europe for a certain time. In some countries of origin it is necessary to apply for a visa first. You can check this information on the Internet or at the German consulate in advance.

• Also people from countries outside the European Union can stay in Germany for a certain time. Occupational groups, where highly qualified staff is wanted, can obtain a work permit through special procedures.

• Seasonal work is permitted only for people from countries of the European Union. This is only possible if the work is officially approved and is controlled by the employment agency. Should this not be the case, they are working illegally in so-called "Schwarzarbeit". You can recognize this type of work if it is not registered with the authorities.

• If people have emigrated from their homeland because of economic reasons in their country they cannot apply for asylum in Germany. Therefore the EU named so-called "safe countries of origin" were requesting asylum in general is not possible for their citizens. These include for example Albania, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia, as well as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco and Egypt.

• Only people who are persecuted for political or religious reasons in their country of origin are entitled to apply for asylum in the European Union. However this have to be proofed through proper information and correct documents on the origin and reasons for the flight. Asylum seekers in Europe have no free choice to decide in which European country they want to apply for asylum. In fact the country which was the first to be entered must also be the country where asylum is sought. Later a redistribution to other countries after a specified rate takes place.